Carver Conversations Podcast

Announcing Our New Podcast

- Hosted by Tiff Marchand of Night Carver Designs

Tiff will be talking with some of the most talented carvers in our community, and highlighting their talent.

You will be learning about different carvers' stories, how they fell into power carving and learn what burrs they love to use.

The conversations will be light, fun and filled with laughter!

You'll get the inside scoop on any new products we will be launching and events we will be attending. As well as sharing carving events that are happening, possibly near you.

Once a month we will have special group conversations with several carvers to chat about their passion for carving


Latest Episode


Blake McFarland


Joining us today is Blake from BM Sculptures, a man of many different mediums and techniques. Blake is currently working on some amazing wood and epoxy carvings in various animal shapes, he also paints and makes incredible tire tread sculptures and more. He is a former Baseball player, who has also been on the hit show Making It on NBC. We can't wait to continue to follow Blake's journey and see what he does next. Make sure to check out his website and Instagram to see what he is currently working on.

Hosted by Tiff Marchand from Night Carver Designs
Check out Tiff at on instagram @nightcarverdesigns and YouTube @Night Carver Designs


Past Episodes


Bonnie Gibson - Learning about her life's journey as an artist, how she got into teaching, and working with gourds.

Vondriska Works - George is a woodworking teacher based in Wisconsin, he offers classes in Cabinet Making, Furniture Making, Lathe Turning, and CNC work.

Adam from Acadian Mushrooms - Adam is an amazing and talented carver from Nova Scotia who is a mechanic during the day.

Special Group Episode - Join us for a very special episode with four incredible makers as we talk power carving, making, and whatever else popped into our minds.

Michael Jones - The artist behind Man and his Dog Carvings, he is based in the UK in Surrey and specializes in realistic chainsaw art.

Katie Freeman - A very talented power carver and artist who specializes with organic shapes and fun colors.

Special Group Episode - Sitting down with Cameron, Cecelia, Rebecca and Hadeel to talk power carving, being an artist and so much more.

Erik Curtis - Erik is an extremely talented artist and maker, specializing in functional products like tables, desks and utensils.

Danny Kissel - When he's not carving pumpkins (or dreaming about them), he spends his time chainsaw carving tree stumps into amazing works of art.

Today I hangout with Sadie from The Awesome Orange, we talk all about how she got started carving. How she incorporates it into her making and what her other passions are.

Learn about how the company was started, how new products are developed and what's coming down the line.