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New to power carving but don't know where to begin?

Recommended starter kits, answers to frequently asked questions, and ideas for first projects — it's all here to get you carving and making sawdust.


Recommended Starter Kits


$72.60 USD

Ease into it

Our most popular kit, this four-piece 1/8" shank burr set contains our least aggressive and most manageable burrs. The extra-fine/white grit leaves behind the smoothest surface of any of our grits.

The 1/8” shank fits in a Dremel and other entry-level rotary tools.

$107.74 USD

Jump right in

This six-piece 1/8" shank burr set includes both fine/yellow and coarse/green grit burrs in some of our most popular shapes, giving you more to play with as you begin power carving. Yellow and green grit are in the middle of the manageability scale.

The 1/8" shank fits in a Dremel and other entry-level rotary tools.

$139.22 USD

Work it out

This six-piece 1/4" shank burr set will remove a lot of material while being easy to use. The coarse/green grit burrs are our most versatile and popular. Start with a kit you'll turn to throughout your power carving adventures.

The 1/4” shank can work a little harder than our 1/8” shank, and it fits in a flex shaft or die grinder.


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Tool Demonstrations

1/8" Ball Nose - 18BN18L-40, 18BN18L-50
1/8" Eye Cutter - 18EC38-40, 18EC38-70
2" Donut Wheel - DW270

1/8" Shank Concave - 18CC38-32, 18CC38-50, 18CC38-70

1/8" Shank Dovetail - 18DT38-32, 18DT38-40, 18DT38-50


Frequently Asked Questions

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